Diablo III Review: Welcome Back (To Hell)


By: Matt Alexander

Are you easily peer-pressured? Do you often find yourself swept up by the opinions of others? If so, go buy Diablo III. All the cool kids are doing it. The first one isn’t free, but the online play and added characters are.

#DungeonCrawl through hordes of not-so-smart enemies who drop mostly useless equipment for your many slots (that’s what she said). Enjoy solid and plentiful voice acting, nearly no loading times, and glitch-free, picturesque maps, all marked improvements on the series’ past. There are also a handful of realistic cut scenes, insofar as demons and the undead are realistic.


The game features 6 possible characters all with customizable skill choices and bonuses. There is no skill tree, so you can switch up your playing style as often as you’d like. The developers know by now that gameplay and character customization are the name of the game (other than, you know, the actual name “Diablo”).


Storyline always takes a back seat in this genre, but there are plenty of smaller objectives within each Act to keep interest in the plot. There are many “lores” to be found in each map, notes from relevant parties which reveal backstory. The way the story ties together and builds on the Diablo mythos is a hidden gem of the game, and not the kind you socket into equipment [cue laugh track].


Online multiplayer is a hack-and-slash haven for friends, while loads of achievements keeps things interesting for completionists. There are over a dozen difficulty settings and a NewGame+ feature, making the game basically endless. Diablo III has something for everyone,  so get onboard before the cool kid train leaves you behind!


9/10 Bro Fists

*Editor’s Note: When Diablo 3’s game director Josh Mosqueira left Blizzard in July, many assumed that was the final nail in the coffin for a potential 2nd expansion. However with BlizzCon right around the corner, the rumor mill is once again churning. That Diablo 3 has a scheduled development Q&A  seems to suggests the title may not be in maintenance mode quite yet. That Diablo’s booth has been expanded and renamed (simply Diablo instead of Diablo 3) for this year’s event points to a potential Diablo 4 or Diablo 2 remastered reveal.


NFL Week 6 DFS Optimal Lineups

<witty opening line goes here>


I still haven’t left the Brian Hoyer bandwagon train.  He was only 3 yards shy of  400 last weekend and once again has a decent matchup, this time against Jacksonville.  His daily fantasy price still hasn’t caught up to his daily fantasy production so you might as well ride it while you can.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Russell Wilson.  He has a good looking matchup  against Atlanta, who seems to have the ability to score on anyone, meaning this game could co back and forth all afternoon.  While not as cheap as Hoyer, Wilson has the higher ceiling.

Additionally, Cam Newton probably has the best matchup this week against the non-existent New Orleans defense.  You will, however, be paying a hefty price.

Running Back

Christine Michael once again makes an appearance in this column.  Despite his recent string of success his price tag remains well below other “RB1s”.  Ride it while you can!

Those who know me will laugh here, but Jonathan Stewart is a good play this weekend.  His injury has kept his price tag low, and he has a wonderful matchup this week.  Even if he his just a tad hobbled, he has a price tag and a matchup that is hard to pass up.

Wide Receiver

Anyone from the Carolina-New Orleans game.  Seriously.  Carolina is squarely middle of the pack in defending against the pass this season, and Drew Brees can score on even the best defenders.  On the flip side, New Orleans probably couldn’t even stop Derrick Anderson…

I also like Doug Baldwin this week.  Lockett is still a little banged-up, meaning Baldwin is the main man in Seattle outside of Jimmy Graham.  As mentioned above, this game has shootout potential and Baldwin is relatively inexpensive.

Cole Beasley in Dallas is another sneaky play this week.  Green Bay has had the strongest run defense in the league so far this year, which means Dallas just might not be able to lean on that aspect of their offense as much this Sunday.  That means underneath routes galore for Beasley, who still remains Dallas’s leading receiver.

Tight End

Just like last weekend, I would go with Jimmy Graham again this week for all of the reasons to go with Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin.

Delanie Walker is another good option at the TE slot this week.  Tennesse faces the 26th ranked pass defense this week, and has emerges is Mariotta’s only consistent receiving option.


Tennessee has the joy of facing the Cleveland offense, if that is what it can be called, and their price is a little below the top tier defensive teams.

Buffalo also has an interesting matchup this weekend against San Francisco.  Colin Kaepernick is making his first start of the season, and it will be interesting to see how he adepts to the field after riding the pine (and kneeling on the field) for so long.  I mean, shouldn’t Buffalo just pump the “Star Spangled Banner” over the PA system every time the Niners on on offense?


Axiom Verge: Oh, the Places You’ll Go!


By: Matt Alexander

Eribu. Zi. Absu. E-Kur-Mah. No, those aren’t words in Swahili (I don’t think), they’re places in Playstation 4’s “Axiom Verge” (or maybe they’re names of monsters, I’m not sure). At any rate, this throwback is a shot of Metroid-style platformer with a twist of mystery served super-chill (see what I did there?) over 16-bit-type graphics.

Play as Trace, a super cool scientist who comes to after a lab explosion and finds himself in a different world where he can run, jump, and shoot, as well as create glitches in the scenery. Without giving away too much, the storyline is a classical tragedy of pathogens vs alien beings and their inter- and intraconnections involving adaptable advanced weaponry, with scientific discovery as a subplot; you know, that whole thing.


The game is so Old School throwback it even has fake bad translations! The music is as eerie as it is fitting. The entire game was designed, written, scored, and basically given birth to by one man, Tom Happ (Stop assuming gender! Men can give birth! Loud noises and other science-y stuff!).

Rad boss fights and familiar scenery give the game a classic feel. This makes it a celebration of old and new classics for some, and a welcome introduction to the genre for others. Be warned, though: as an old school game, this one can be tough. The YouTube videos of players Speedrunning the game — an actual separate game mode — shows that it is quite beatable, however.

Axiom Verge is a riveting homage and improvement upon retro platformers. A knowledge of games like Metroid and Bionic Commando add to the experience, but even bros new to the genre will enjoy this one.

9/10 Bro Fists

NFL Week 5 DFS Optimal Lineups

I told you all to play Julio Jones last week*, and you didn’t listen….


Brian Hoyer is not a name that you would usually associate with a winning fantasy team, but he has a creampuff matchup this weekend against the Colts, and has actually had a surprisingly effective season so far, at least stat wise.  Back-to-back games with 300 yards and 2 touchdowns is nice for such a cheap price.

Is Joe Flacco elite?  I do know that he looks like an elite DFS play this weekend.  His cannon arm should be able to throw all day on the Redskins lack of a secondary.  And Baltimore’s lack of a defense should keep this game in shootout mode.

Running Back

I mentioned Jordan Howard last week and I’m running him out again this weekend.  20 plus touches against the Colts defense equals fantasy gold.

Terrance West in Baltimore looks to get at least one more start this weekend.  While the rookie Kenneth Dixon is hot on his heals, he hasn’t overtaken West’s role just yet.  It’s hard to pass up 15-20 touches at West’s price tag this Sunday.

Denver is going to want to control the ball this weekend against Atlanta’s firepower offense, and that means a heavy workload for CJ Anderson.  He hasn’t busted out a huge yardage total yet this year, but he has consistently been punching the ball into the endzone.  Atlanta is also the weakest defense that he’s faced this year.

Wide Receiver

The Colts have had to play catch-up all year, and this weekend should be no different.  This means a plethora of targets going TY Hilton’s  way on Sunday.  He doesn’t have the price tag of the top-tier receivers, but has a much better matchup than the top-tier guys.

Michael Crabtree is another target monster.  You obviously cannot expect another 3 touchdown day, but Carr has looked his way at least 10 times every game this season.  Add in the fact that San Diego is a soft matchup this Sunday and you can be looking at another great stat line.

Brandon Marshall’s team should also be in catch-up mode for most of the time this Sunday, and the lack of teammate Erik Decker means more targets for Marshall.

Tight End

Zach Miller has a great matchup this weekend, and has emerged as one of Hoyer’s favorite targets.  Those targets should increase if WR Eddie Royal is unable to play this weekend.


The Patriots have a great matchup against Cleveland this weekend, and playing either defense from the Vikings-Texans matchup should yield fantasy points.


*Do not fact check this.

UFC 204: Britain’s Got No Talent


Left-Hook Larry v. H-Bomb

You may not have heard of some of these fighters, but we’ve got picks for you:

Michael Bisping vs. Dan Henderson

This classic rematch for the middleweight title is not the best match-up of talent the division has to offer, but it is the fight the fans want to see.

Henderson has a highlight reel KO over Bisping from UFC 100, and he was old then.


Look for Bisping to be smarter and more patient this time. Henderson always has a chance with his power, but his chin is wearing down. Bisping by TKO

*Editor’s Note: Just a feeling, but how epic would it be for Hendo to have a knock out walk off into the sunset. Storybook ending for one of the best mix martial artists ever. Bisping looked over extended at times against Silva. Sometimes the pressure of delivering for the homecrowd can turn it into a detriment. I agree Bisping has more secure paths to victory… I’m just saying there’s a chance.

Vitor Belfort vs. Gegard Mousassi

Vitor is old and no longer on TRT. Mousassi keeps improving and, at this stage, has a speed advantage over his opponent. This one could get ugly. Mousassi by TKO.

*Editor’s Note: We interrupt this amazing UFC pick ’ems article for a word from our sponsor:

TRT – It is effective AF!

Ovince Saint Preux vs. Jimi Manuwa

OSP looked decent in his most recent fight against bad boy and possible GOAT Jon Jones. Manuwa has lost 2 of his last 3 by KO, but those were to Alexander Gustafson and Anthony Johnson.

It’s hard to judge where these fighters are at; while Manuwi is the superior striker, OSP is a a physical specimen. Conventional wisdom says go with technique, but I say OSP’s wrestling and tenacity pulls him through. OSP by Decision.

Stefan Struve vs. Daniel Omielanczuk

Struve is bigger and is a better wrestler than his opponent. Omielanczuk has more accurate striking, but Struve’s striking defense will pose problems. It’s heavyweight, so anything can happen, but look for Struve to finish this fight. Struve by KO.

Mirsad Bektic vs. Russell Doane

In this featherweight fight, Bektic comes in undefeated against a 14-6 opponent. Both fighters have solid wrestling and boxing, but Bektic is the heavier fighter (Doane is normally a Bantamweight). Look for a late finish from Bektic. Bektic by TKO.

“Dust: An Elysian Tail” — Nothing to Sneeze At


By: Matt Alexander

DISCLAIMER: I just got a PS4, so this game is new to me

Have you ever wanted to lose yourself in an amnesia-fueled fever dream of talking swords and anthropomorphized animals only to wake up and realize it was all a dream with a convenient save function that allows you to revisit? Well look no further than “Dust: An Elysian Tail”.


Play as Dust (his actual name), a cat dude who wakes up and suddenly finds a talking flying sword, Ahrah (its actual name), as well as a flying cat girl who was looking for said blade, Fidget (what she does + her actual name). It is a classic “Metroidvania” game, which, according to expert linguists, is not a real word, but rather a portmanteau of “Metroid” and “Castlevania”. The gameplay is more action-adventure with upgrade elements; you are encouraged to chain combos together, and the controls are easy to learn.


The story is super serial and involves the rise and fall of civilization and the ravages of war, plus a little mysticism and a nod to Aristotle’s theory of friendship. However, most of the game is directed towards a younger audience. There are tons of side quests for the completionists, and 4 difficulty modes which range from button-mashing to soul-crushing, so you can tailor the game to your preference.

Crisp visuals (with hand painted everything!) and sharp voice acting set the standard for game quality. That along with high replayability and an emotionally engaging story make the glamorous “Dust: An Elysian Tail” a huge success.

9/10 Bro Fists

BROstalgia: Best Video Games from your childhood!

You are a cultured and sophisticated individual. You work hard at that 9 to 5 and you completely CRUSH IT! You work-out selflessly, just wanting to make sure other people get to enjoy the view. You use yelp and don’t consider yourself a food critic. You are wise enough to reboot your airport card before you flip out about the wifi. You are an adult! 


That doesn’t mean you don’t have an inner man-child that perks up whenever you hear “after these messages, we’ll be right back.” Don’t worry, you’ve earned your place in history.You are just tougher than the average (G.I.) joe having survived multiple bouts of street combat and/or dysentery. You’ve been entrusted with many important relics, and you always power-up responsibly.


You’ve scaled castles to save a princess from a turtle, and scaled apartment buildings to save a reporter as a turtle. You know who to call when there something strange happening in your neighborhood, and it wouldn’t surprise you in the least if they send over a bad ass girl to save the day. So, if you are about that 1-up life, follow me bro, and take a brostalgic trip down memory lane.


Come with me and you’ll be
In a world with a set duration
Take a look and you’ll see
Fungi augmentations!

We’ll begin with a spin
Trav’ling in 8-bit permutations
The castle we’ll see will need

If you want to view paradise
Side-scroll around and view it
If you want to platform, do it
Want to touch that flag, just sprint-jump to it…

Check out the Digitally Remastered Episode 20 of the Broest Bros You Knows where the Bros talk about the best games from our childhood. Everything from Arcade classics like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Simpsons to NES classics such as Super Mario Bros, Metroid and Contra, the Bros take a rather indulgent walk down memory lane. What did we miss? Tell us in the comments below!

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NFL Week 4 DFS Optimal Lineups

There are some tasty tasty matchups this weekend for daily fantasy purposes, so let’s dive right in!


Cam Newton.  Yeah, he’s the most expensive QB that you can draft, but with a matchup against an Atlanta defense that gives up over 300 passing yards per game, you can just feel the ground trembling as Superman is about to take off.  Add in the lack of Jonathan Stewart in the backfield and this is a weekend for spending big on Cam.

I know that I said to play Phillip Rivers last week, and he didn’t have the best game of all time, but he has an even better matchup this week against a New Orleans defense that can literally not stop anything.  The Falcons dropped what seemed like 500 points on them last Monday night.  If you don’t like spending big on Newton, Rivers can be had for a little less cap space.

Running Back

Jeremy Langford left last week’s game with an injury and Jordan Howard stepped in to take over lead back duties for Chicago.  He looks to be the more talented of the two backs, and has decent pass catching abilities.  His price is still at the back-up level in DFS despite his new starting gig.

Carlos Hyde is still surprisingly cheap in DFS, despite three strong weeks against more than above average defenses.  This week he gets the Dallas Cowboys, who haven’t been terrible against the run, but haven’t been great either.

Christine Michael had an absolutely INSANE game last week, but he does have a a tougher matchup this week against the Jets.  However, at his current price in DFS its pretty hard to pass to pass up that talent and upside.

Wide Receiver

As I’ve mentioned before, stacking a WR with your QB is a great move, so Kelvin Benjamin seems like more than a decent play this week.  He didn’t play well last week, but that was against arguably one of the two best defenses in the NFL, and this week he gets to play against the lowly Saints.  Also, see above regarding no starting running back.

Terrelle Pryor is another great play this week.  Despite the questionable QB situation in Cleveland, Prior is the clear lead receiving option on the team and Washington has been extremely susceptible to the pass this season.  Also, he’s relatively cheap in DFS for a WR1.

And for the second week in a row I am going to plug Tyrell Williams and/or Travis Benjamin.  San Diego might have the easiest matchup in the league this week and both wideouts are inexpensive.

Tight End

If healthy, Jimmy Graham is a great option this week.  A hobbled Russell Wilson will need a safety blanket and Graham is more than a decent one.  As of this writing he is still listed as questionable, but if he does play he’s a good option.

Additionally, no Dez in Dallas this Sunday means more red zone targets for Jason Witten, he of the subtle wiggles. He hasn’t put up huge numbers this year, but his sure hands make him Prescott’s best TD target.


Not many steals this week on the defensive side, but Arizona does have a nice matchup against the Rams.

Adventures of Mana and Secret of Mana Video Game Review


By: Matt Alexander

Bundle Extravaganza!

Never underestimate the power of either nostalgia or mana. The awesome power of bright colors and synthesized music come together on the iOS for your amusement and/or infatuation with a bundle of games from before Squaresoft merged with its boring boyfriend Enix and started staying at home on Saturdays to play charades instead of producing good games. (/rant)

“Adventures of Mana” (“Seiken Dentetsu” on Game Boy or “Final Fantasy Adventures” as the Game Boy Advance remake) stars Sumo, a surprisingly thin and non-diapered hero fighting to save the world and its Mana Tree from the appropriately named “Dark Lord”. He meets a sweet dime piece named Fuji, who is not an apple, but has a connection to the Mana Tree so [insert cheesy joke here].


There’s also an evil wizard name Julius and a lot of helpful NPCs, but the main attraction is the gameplay. The style is much like the first Zelda, with top-down action adventure and a slew of weapons that double as field tools. The controls are a little clunky and the game is short — I finished it in under 10 hours — but sweet, and provides a good amount of context for its sequel.

“Secret of Mana”, originally for SNES, is a classic with similar gameplay to its predecessor. The hero of the story pulls a blade out of a stone and after defeating a giant ant he does not become king of the village, but is rather exiled for bringing monsters back into the world. At the same time, the empire is trying to gain power from resurrecting the Mana Fortress by breaking the seals on the 8 Mana Seeds. Along the way our hero meets a Sprite and a girl, they get magic, beat up bad dudes, and save the day.


SoM is about twice as long as AoM, and has a bit more freedom to explore. This, along with its eclectic mood music, give it a high replayability, and the epic storyline is sure to bring a tear to even the toughest bro eye.

Remember to get a hard case before playing; you can throw phones just like controllers after video game disappointment, but they break much more easily.


9/10 Bro Fists

NFL Week 3 DFS Optimal Lineups

If you haven not bitten the bullet and taken the daily fantasy sports plunge, I highly recommend it.  It’s like the cocaine to the marijuana of season long fantasy sports.  And just like cocaine and marijuana, you have the treat them and use them in very different ways.  DFS is all about finding the bargains week to week – either “next man up” after an injury to a starter or a matchup that just screams 17 touchdowns.

I play in a few leagues and tournaments every week during the NFL season, and I’m going to try and hand out some free advice on players that I think you should ride in DFS each week.


The Indianapolis Colts couldn’t stop your grandma from throwing for 300 yards on them, and Philip Rivers gets the pleasure of facing their lack of a secondary this week.  Even without Keenan Allen he has been productive, as Travis Benjamin and Tyrell Williams have stepped up nicely.  His price point is just below the elite QBs, and he is set up nicely for a stud performance this week.

Matt Ryan is another QB with a mouth watering matchup this week as he faces the Saints in their dome in New Orleans.  Ryan has been fantasy gold so far this year, throwing for over 700 yards so far this year, and NO is not exactly know for stopping an offense (remember Oakland in Week 1?).

Running Back

A running back that has put up elite numbers so far this season but is still priced well below elite status is Melvin Gordon.  For all of the reasoning for playing him this week, see above: Colts can’t stop shit.

Christine Michael is getting the start this week of Thomas Rawls, and because he hasn’t been the starter all year his price doesn’t reflect his projected output this weekend.  I know that the Seattle offense has left a lot to be desired this year, but this one is a steal, folks.

Another “backup” poised for a great weekend is Tevin Coleman of the Falcons.  He has looked like the better of the two runners in Atlanta this year, and gets the pleasure of facing the Saints line this weekend.

Wide Receiver

I always like stacking a wide out with my QB, so this week I like playing either Travis Benjamin or Tyrell Williams in San Diego.  Both players are cheap, and without Keenan Allen Rivers is going to have to throw to somebody.

And in line with the comments above, Julio Jones is a great play this week.  Even though he’s expensive (and rightfully so), it is going to be hard to top his production.

I also like Cole Beasley of the Dallas Cowboys.  Dak Prescott has targeted him often through the first two weeks, and this isn’t the old Chicago defense.  And in the fact that he is super cheap and you have a bonafide steal.

Tight End

There seems to be a pretty large drop-off after the top-tier tight ends, but you can get decent production from the mid-tier guys who are relatively inexpensive in DFS.  Dennis Pitta has shown great chemistry with Joe Flacco so far this season, and he has a relatively easy matchup against Jacksonville on Sunday.


Who cares, just play one who is in a dome this weekend.


Miami is a nice option this weekend going against the Brown’s third string quarterback and no Corey Coleman.  Sucks to be a Cleveland football fan…

Alright, y’all.  Go win some money and have fun watching the games this weekend!