Fantasy Football Champion’s Anthem – ft. Rick and Morty (Music Video)

Did you just win your fantasy football league or something equally epic? Are you now the proud owner of your league’s Shiva? Not quite sure how to make your competition aware of just how much better you are than them? Worry no more my friend, the Bro-est Bros and Rick Sanchez have the video for you! Best of all, it works on all types of haters. Let the trash talking commence!

Whether you won overcoming incredible odds, or you just simply steamrolled over your competition in dominating fashion, this song will let the other participants know what’s up. So the next time you have one of your league members tell you about how they actually did well in a DIFFERENT league… or how injuries hit THEM really hard… or how kids make it SO hard to be active… or how they were ACTUALLY good in the regulars season (and then choked, Chris)… or some other BS excuse… send them a friendly reminder to STFU by cranking up these tunes and telling them to lick, lick, lick your balls!

*this video applies to many varieties of haters and butt-hurtees. Side effects from this video may include:

-Being Weak-sauce
-Extreme Butt-hurt
-An aversion to Sacko’s
-Keeping Reggie Wayne

*If their butt-hurt last more than 72 hours, kindly tell them to visit their butt-hurt care professional.

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