Star Wars: The Bro Awakens

It is the 25th episode of the Bro-est Bros You Knows, and to celebrate the new year, the Bros go full on STAR WARS. There are rumors that a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there slept the most bro-est of bros… a true BRODI. There are rumors that one day he would wake up and save the universe… and host a podcast.

The Bros are joined by author, accountant, sci-fi enthusiast, and mother, Anna C. (aka “…Anna!”) to talk about a little movie that came out, Star Wars: The Force Awakens! It has received great reviews, and is currently the 2nd biggest box office draw in US history. Be warned, there are some spoilers. The Bros discuss some of their favorite and not so favorite characters and what we can look forward to in future installments of the beloved franchise.

The Bros also ponder just how hot Capt. Picard is, whether or not Adam Driver has any “presence,” and a conspiracy theory that Poe Dameron and Cameron Poe may actually exist in the same cinematic universe. (TV show idea – Poe and Poe: Rouge Space Rangers).

Passion Nate wakes up to debuts his new hit song “Fantasy Football Champion’s Anthem.” The song is sure to top the charts! If you enjoyed the video please like, and subscribe for future updates. BBYK will be coming out with a load more BRO content for you guys, so keep your eye out.

Here is the link to my friend’s Focus Fire Chat podcast:

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