MMA and Marvel Musings / Jones vs. Mighty Mouse p4p / Captain America (PLUS Steve Garcia Interview)

Bellator BW Steve “Mean Machine” Garcia stops by to talk about mma and comic book movies with us. Along with giving us a great behind the scenes perspective of what it is like training at a renowned gym like Jackson Wink MMA, he shares some great insight into what motivates him as a fighter. He is an absolutely cool guy and you guys really need to tune in to watch this guy fight!

The Bros recap UFC 197 and talk about Jon Jones performance. Ring rust or just a smarter/safer fighter? Looking forward to seeing him at UFC 200 vs. Daniel Cormier. It is nice to see Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson finally get some love. This guy is one of the best mix martial artists of the planet and he is an awesome video game player. Remember when nerds were picked on for playing too much Final Fantasy? Well just call Might Mouse’s ascension toward pound for pound greatness “revenge of the nerds!”

The Bros also discuss the importance of weight classes. Not everyone can be a boss like a Conor McGregor. Is it fair to expect fighters to fight outside of the division. Does Benson Henderson’s one sided loss demonstrate how hard it is to overcome size with skill. Also, will we see McGregor go up against Floyd Mayweather?

The Bros once again debate the merits of the Sokovia Accords. One bro feels like he is all alone rooting for Iron Man. Feels lonely rooting for justice and national security. Why can’t we all be bros? Are you Team Captain America or Team Iron Man? Tell us in the comments below.

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