Final Fantasy 6 Video Game Review

Bro, you even lift?

By Matt Alexander

The IOS version of Final Fantasy 6, or Final Fantasy 3* as the old-school SNES players know it, is an instant success of a timeless classic.

Jump into a world of political intrigue with magic and war disrupting the delicate balance of various nations. Add in a few moogles, airships, and other staples from the series and you have a Final Fantasy unique in tone yet classic in RPG elements.

This version is a port of the Game Boy Advance version, so there are a few translation differences as well as two post-game dungeons and four new summons, but none of the cheesy FMVs from the PlayStation version. Unfortunately a few of the exploitable glitches have been fixed, but this game was always lower on the difficulty scale than previous entries.

Still, the masterful score from Nobuo Uematsu and the compelling story and characters remain, which lends to the game’s high replayability.

Remember, everyone: the ability to play video games on your phone while driving is an awesome power, and with great power comes great irresponsibility (thank you, Wade Wilson). Play only at red lights, and make use of the AutoBattle function.

8/10 Bro Fists

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