NFL Week 3 DFS Optimal Lineups

If you haven not bitten the bullet and taken the daily fantasy sports plunge, I highly recommend it.  It’s like the cocaine to the marijuana of season long fantasy sports.  And just like cocaine and marijuana, you have the treat them and use them in very different ways.  DFS is all about finding the bargains week to week – either “next man up” after an injury to a starter or a matchup that just screams 17 touchdowns.

I play in a few leagues and tournaments every week during the NFL season, and I’m going to try and hand out some free advice on players that I think you should ride in DFS each week.


The Indianapolis Colts couldn’t stop your grandma from throwing for 300 yards on them, and Philip Rivers gets the pleasure of facing their lack of a secondary this week.  Even without Keenan Allen he has been productive, as Travis Benjamin and Tyrell Williams have stepped up nicely.  His price point is just below the elite QBs, and he is set up nicely for a stud performance this week.

Matt Ryan is another QB with a mouth watering matchup this week as he faces the Saints in their dome in New Orleans.  Ryan has been fantasy gold so far this year, throwing for over 700 yards so far this year, and NO is not exactly know for stopping an offense (remember Oakland in Week 1?).

Running Back

A running back that has put up elite numbers so far this season but is still priced well below elite status is Melvin Gordon.  For all of the reasoning for playing him this week, see above: Colts can’t stop shit.

Christine Michael is getting the start this week of Thomas Rawls, and because he hasn’t been the starter all year his price doesn’t reflect his projected output this weekend.  I know that the Seattle offense has left a lot to be desired this year, but this one is a steal, folks.

Another “backup” poised for a great weekend is Tevin Coleman of the Falcons.  He has looked like the better of the two runners in Atlanta this year, and gets the pleasure of facing the Saints line this weekend.

Wide Receiver

I always like stacking a wide out with my QB, so this week I like playing either Travis Benjamin or Tyrell Williams in San Diego.  Both players are cheap, and without Keenan Allen Rivers is going to have to throw to somebody.

And in line with the comments above, Julio Jones is a great play this week.  Even though he’s expensive (and rightfully so), it is going to be hard to top his production.

I also like Cole Beasley of the Dallas Cowboys.  Dak Prescott has targeted him often through the first two weeks, and this isn’t the old Chicago defense.  And in the fact that he is super cheap and you have a bonafide steal.

Tight End

There seems to be a pretty large drop-off after the top-tier tight ends, but you can get decent production from the mid-tier guys who are relatively inexpensive in DFS.  Dennis Pitta has shown great chemistry with Joe Flacco so far this season, and he has a relatively easy matchup against Jacksonville on Sunday.


Who cares, just play one who is in a dome this weekend.


Miami is a nice option this weekend going against the Brown’s third string quarterback and no Corey Coleman.  Sucks to be a Cleveland football fan…

Alright, y’all.  Go win some money and have fun watching the games this weekend!


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