BROstalgia: Best Video Games from your childhood!

You are a cultured and sophisticated individual. You work hard at that 9 to 5 and you completely CRUSH IT! You work-out selflessly, just wanting to make sure other people get to enjoy the view. You use yelp and don’t consider yourself a food critic. You are wise enough to reboot your airport card before you flip out about the wifi. You are an adult! 


That doesn’t mean you don’t have an inner man-child that perks up whenever you hear “after these messages, we’ll be right back.” Don’t worry, you’ve earned your place in history.You are just tougher than the average (G.I.) joe having survived multiple bouts of street combat and/or dysentery. You’ve been entrusted with many important relics, and you always power-up responsibly.


You’ve scaled castles to save a princess from a turtle, and scaled apartment buildings to save a reporter as a turtle. You know who to call when there something strange happening in your neighborhood, and it wouldn’t surprise you in the least if they send over a bad ass girl to save the day. So, if you are about that 1-up life, follow me bro, and take a brostalgic trip down memory lane.


Come with me and you’ll be
In a world with a set duration
Take a look and you’ll see
Fungi augmentations!

We’ll begin with a spin
Trav’ling in 8-bit permutations
The castle we’ll see will need

If you want to view paradise
Side-scroll around and view it
If you want to platform, do it
Want to touch that flag, just sprint-jump to it…

Check out the Digitally Remastered Episode 20 of the Broest Bros You Knows where the Bros talk about the best games from our childhood. Everything from Arcade classics like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Simpsons to NES classics such as Super Mario Bros, Metroid and Contra, the Bros take a rather indulgent walk down memory lane. What did we miss? Tell us in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “BROstalgia: Best Video Games from your childhood!

  1. This comment is in regards to NBA Jam. My favorite things about it were ‘Get that stuff out of here’ and ‘Ugly shot….it’s good!!’ That goes for Blitz too, I miss that game. They made a few Blitz games afterwards that were very graphic and violent it’s like: I just wanna play an arcade style football game – I’m not trying to be a surgeon or go into sports medicine. That’s what I don’t like about madden all the blah blah and too many control options and junk it’s like: just catch the ball and use turbo to knock the defender down. Touchdown.


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