UFC 205 Alvarez vs. McGregor / PSVR & PS4 Pro / Donald Trump: Bro or No? (Fight Breakdown Video)


Broest Bros You Knows 45

The Bros are BACK! Election season have you confused and worried? Don’t worry, because we have MMA in New York to cheer you up! All three title fights on the #UFC205 main card are broken down in Brotastic detail. The Bros also discuss Donald Trump. Is the president elect Bro or No? The Bros also get a glimpse of the future with virtual reality (powered by the PS4 Pro and PSVR) and discuss how awesome the future looks. Plus, BBYK introduces its newest member, while bidding a belated farewell to TUF fan favorite Josh Samman.

Conor McGregor is set to do something that has never been done at UFC 205. The Bros talk about how Conor sought the title of a two division champ, and how the Notorious one is turning New York into his own personal playground for this historic MMA event. Where does McGregor stack up all time? Is Kelvin Gastelum missing weight still? Yes. When we said he should model his game after Johny Hendricks, apparently he took that advise to heart. Is this podcast the coolest thing since ice cold? Alright, alright, alright it is.

Joanna Champion brings the volume, McGregor brings the trash talk and timing, Thompson brings the karate. Romero still looks like a superhero, tainted supplements and all. What more could you want from a UFC PPV card? BAMF Tim Kennedy vs. Rashad Evans, for one. But the card is still stacked despite the loss. A thorough breakdown of all the fights is mostly here for your listening pleasure. And “Two Stripe” reps his boy Rafael “Sapo” Natal.

Keep tuning in to Broest Bros, the one-stop shop for MMA, gaming, lulz, and all things BRO.

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