Family, Food, and FOOTBALL

Ah Thanksgiving, the day that families across this great nation get together to celebrate the three Fs – family, food, and football.  When you think about it, Thanksgiving really is the broest of holidays.  You eat and drink to excess with your loved ones while watching professional athletes hit each other as hard as possible in order to move a “ball” from one end of a field to another.  And this holiday gave us the most spectacular football play of all time.


What could possibly make this day any better?  Did you say FANTASY FOOTBALL?  Oh yeah, let’s turn the holiday of 3 Fs into the holiday of 4 Fs!  Or is it 5 Fs?  You know what else starts with the letter “F”?  FREEDOM!!!!  Let’s just make this 6 Fs!


But back to the 4th and the 5th Fs, and maybe a little bit of the 3rd F.  The DFS sites are giving us a special reason to be thankful this year with a full slate of Thanksgiving Day only tournaments and games.  We’re all praying for any reason not to talk to crazy Uncle Greg, so you can escape by checking your your score on your phone every 5 minutes even though you’re already watching the game on TV.  And who knows, maybe will win some cash for your ill-fated Black Friday excursion tomorrow.


But seriously, y’all have a great Thanksgiving today.  Don’t just be thankful for the small things in life (ahem, fantasy football), but for all of the people that love and care for you.  And remember, a true bro volunteers to do the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner.



Andrew Luck might not be playing because of his concussion last week, so Scott Tolzien could be under center for the Colts on Thursday night.  I’m not saying that he’s good, but you can get him for Black Friday pricing, which means you can stack your other positions.  And he still has TY Hilton and Donte Moncrief to throw to…

Kirk Cousins is also a smart play this weekend against Dallas.  I know that Dallas uses their beastly running game to play keep away with the ball, but the Washington offense has big playability and Captain Kirk has come on strong over the past few weeks.  He’s also cheaper than the upper echelon of QBs on Thursday.

And if you can’t stomach playing a Redskin today, just go with Dak Prescott.  He’s moved on from just being a good real life QB to being a good fantasy QB as well.

Running Back

Ezekial Elliot.  I don’t need to explain this one.

LeVeon Bell.  See above.

For a value play, look at “Fat” Rob Kelley.  He put together several solid weeks in a row before blowing open against Green Bay last Sunday night.  And as we have seen with Dallas this season, they are capable of being run on.

Wide Receiver

I would tend to stay away from the Detroit-Minnesota matchup this week.  The only one a like there is Stefon Diggs, but he might not even suit up for the game.  Additionally, it’s hard to trust the Colts wide receivers with an unproven quarterback.

Telling you to play Antonio Brown isn’t exactly ground breaking, but he has a great matchup against the Colts.

Cole Beasley is a nice play today. Dez Bryant has taken a lot of the targets that went to the Sauce earlier this year, but Dez will be covered by Josh Norman today and Prescott isn’t one to press the issue unless needed.  He’d rather hit Beasley underneath than try to force it to Dez.

Tight End

Eric Ebron is a solid play this week.  Minnesota’s defense is tough, but while Marvin Jones and Golden Tate disappear every now and then, Ebron seems to always get his when he’s on the field.

Jordan Reed is the primary receiver in Washington’s passing game, and should be in line for a boat load of targets this week.  The Dallas secondary is banged up to boot.


Minnesota or Detroit.  Take your pick.  Also, Pittsburgh doesn’t have a good defense, but they are probably not playing against Andrew Luck, so there’s that.

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