Christmas Comes Early at PSX!


It is T-20 days until Christmas, and in celebration of the BBYK #ChristmasCountdown, we are sharing something that is sure to inspire some holiday cheer(ing) from Naughty Dog fans. Gamers at Playstation Experience rejoiced when Naughty Dog released a trailer for a  sequel to their 2013 masterpiece, The Last of Us.


BBYK gave The Last of Us Remastered a perfect 10 for its outstanding gameplay and compelling storytelling. This isn’t a game to recommend to a particular gamer, it is a game that should appeal universally. Considered by many the best game of the previous console generation, The Last of Us Remastered makes a great gift for fans of the original PS3 game that need to whet their appetite in anticipation of The Last of Us Part II! Get hyped and enjoy the reveal trailer below:

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