Parasite Eve: A December to Remember!


By: Matt Alexander

Who doesn’t love Christmas time? One-horse open sleighs, lights in the park, and the blood-curdling screams of smoldering innocents … “Parasite Eve”, Squaresoft’s effort from 1998, provides these and maybe even a little more! This survival horror action-RPG (yes, it is all of those things) is a short bit of fun with a post-game dungeon and a NewGame+ mode. As all my friends back in middle school said, it’s Resident Evil 2 mixed with Final Fantasy VII.


Assume the role of Aya Brea, a New York detective who discovers her own demons as she tries to stop a spontaneous combustion-inducing mega-monster. The story takes place over 6 days, ending just in time for New Year’s Eve, and it is still scary, if dated.


Don’t be scurred, but there are gruesome enemies depicted by fearsome polygons (it’s a PS1 game, don’t hate). The dialogue is science-y and not very interesting, and includes LOTS OF YELLING IN ALL CAPS!!! But the plot is pretty cool, and the gameplay (free roaming plus RPG-style battles) is strategic enough to keep you on your toes.


Yoko Shimimura provides a stupendously bizarre score which combines grandiose opera and funky electronic/industrial styles. Add to that an odd color balance and it all makes for a jarring aesthetic. “Parasite Eve” is a fun one. It was never an all-time classic, but it will warm your heart, hopefully without the spontaneous combustion.


 7/10 Bro Fists (5 + mitochondria + gun parts)

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