Kinzi Resistance Bands: Bro or No?


By: Matt Alexander

This one is for the neckbeard that has everything except a gym membership. Wouldn’t you like to get fit without having people stare at you as you struggle to lift the smallest of weights (Bro, do you even bench, bro? #epanalepsis)?

Well, fear not! Jacked Bruce Lee will show you some basic exercises in the drawings. Curl more than a 12-oz. with these colorful Kinzi resistance bands. They are easy to transport, can be used pretty much anywhere, and can even be attached to doors to aid you in your quest to get swole.


They are also a wonderful tool for physical therapy and addressing muscle imbalances; your bod will never look better (do people still say “bod”?”). Tote bag, instructions, 5 resistance bands, door anchor, ankle strap, and hand grips all for the low price of not a lot ($20-30).

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