Friday Jams: Countdown of the BROest Christmas Carols

Christmas is just a few days away, which means that you’ve probably been hearing Christmas music in stores for 9 straight weeks.  A lot of folks get upset about this, but those people, besides being Scrooges and Grinches, just don’t know how to enjoy the season’s music correctly.

While “bro” isn’t exactly how people would describe most Christmas carols, there are several that are definitely certified BRO (although I would argue that most of them are in fact very BRO).  For your listening pleasure, and to get you into the BROest of holiday spirit, the Bros here at BBYK are bringing you the top five BROest Christmas carols.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas you filthy animals.

5. Blue Christmas

The King of Rock’n’Roll has an entire album of Christmas jams, but the most iconic is this one.  Just combine a fireplace, egg nog, mistletoe, and Blue Christmas to get that lady in your life going.  Guaran-fing-teed.


4. Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town

The Christmas season is a good reminder to be a bro to everyone.  Hopefully, you’re a bro out of the BRO-ness of your heart, but if you need a little incentive to get there, St. Nicholas is coming to town.  Just let The Boss explain it to you.


3. The Little Drummer Boy

True story: the drum line was invented on the first Christmas Day when a bro with some sweet drum skills decided to play a birthday song for Jesus.  His skills were so far out that it now takes an entire line of drummers to get close to the BRO-ness of that first Christmas Day.


2. We Three Kings

Three really smart and really rich dudes spend years looking for the Son of God just so that they can give him some sweet birthday presents.  And they find him by following a hella big star.  The BROest part of all?  They give Jesus the heads up that that punk ass bitch Herod wants to kill him.  Bro move, three wise dudes.


1. Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo

The Trans Siberian Orchestra combine hard rock and Christmas.  I really don’t have to explain this.  Just listen.. and lift.

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