Week 16 DFS: Christmas Eve Edition

Get ready for a full slate of football this Sunday Saturday!  Because of Christmas falling on a Sunday this year, the bulk of NFL games will be played on Saturday (and one on Thursday, and two on Sunday, and one on Monday…)

Some teams have basically locked up everything (HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!) but a whole lot of teams still have a lot to play for.  It feels like half the league still has a shot to make the playoffs.

Enjoy the football this weekend, and have a very merry Christmas from the Broest Bros!



Andrew Luck plays for a real crap team, but his crap team is playing a team against a very good team that happens to be 25th against the pass this year.  The over/under on this game is a Gazzillion points, and Luck will get his.

Same game, other team.  While David Carr hasn’t been a world beater by any stretch over the past several games (turns out you need a healthy pinkie to throw a tight spiral), he’s had another week to heal up, and get the fun of facing arguably the worst defense in the league.

Cam Newton is going to have to put up some points to keep his game against Atlanta relatively competitive (one of the best offenses in history).  And his price tag is a bit below the fellows mentioned above.

Running Back

San Francisco seems to give up 200 rushing yards each weekend, so Todd Gurley seems like a smart play here.  Both teams suck, but Gurley has the best route to having a monster day.

Bilal Powell has taken over the lead back role in the Jets offense, and still has an incredibly cheap price tag.  Even if the Jets fall behind early, his use as a pass catcher will keep him involved in the game plan.

Wide Receiver

DeAndre Hopkin’s price tag has fallen dramatically this season thanks to Brock Osweiler.  Luckily however, Tom Savage realizes that to just not suck as a QB all you have to do is throw it to Hopkins 17 times.

TY Hilton and/or Donte Moncrief.  See the Luck paragraph above.  Hilton is more expensive, but had the higher ceiling, while Moncrief just seems to catch a touchdown every week.

I also really like Mike Evans this week against New Orleans.  The Saints have a hard time stopping people, and Evans is one of the best wideouts in the league this year.

Tight End

Cameron Brate is a nice play this weekend against New Orleans.  He has become an integral part of the Tampa passing offense, especially when teams start to key in on Evans.

Jordan Reed probably won’t play this weekend, so Vernon Davis gets a big boost as the starting TE in a high-powered offense.  And that cheap price…


The San Francisco vs. St. Louis game will be unwatchable, but the Rams actually have a decent defense and the 49ers have no offense.


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