Championship Week DFS

It’s the last week of daily fantasy football for the season, and even though we only have 2 games on Sunday, both promise to be high-scoring affairs.  In fact, the over/under for the NFC Championship game is 61.5, the highest ever for a NFL playoff game. Bottom line, there are going to be a lot of high DFS scores this weekend.


Man, who to pick?  All four QBs playing this weekend can put up hefty numbers.  However, I tend to lean towards the game with the highest over/under for a playoff game of all time, and therefore suggest rolling with either Matt Ryan or Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers has been in video game mode recently, but Ryan has a more appealing price-tag.

Running Back

LeVeon Bell makes an appearance here every weekend, as he should.  Big Ben has struggled on the road this year, and Pittsburgh’s best road to victory is feeding Bell early and often.  Luckily, they’ve been doing this successfully all year.

On the other sideline sits Dion Lewis.  The versatile back hit the hat trick last weekend with a return TD, rushing TD, and receiving TD.  While it’s hard to expect 3 touchdowns again this weekend, you can expect him to be utilized heavily in both the passing and running games for New England.

Wide Receiver

Going back to the NFC game, Randall Cobb is an excellent play this weekend.  Both Nelson and Adams are banged up, and even if they play they will not be 100%.  This leaves Cobb as the primary receiving option for Video Game Rodgers.  In a game that will have over 60 points scored, you have to get a piece of the pie.

Tyler Gabriel for Atlanta is also primed for a big day.  Green Bay can be beat deep, and Gabriel is an excellent deep threat for Matt Ryan.  I’m expecting a big game from the young wideout.

In New England, Julian Edelman continues to produce.  He has seen double-digit targets from Brady 7 of the past 8 weeks, and has turned those targets into a boatload of yards.

Tight End

Who’d you expect in this spot?  Jared Cook seems to have figured out that he has a knack for this football thing, and Rodgers is rewarding him for it.  As the best TE playing this weekend he’s difficult to pass up, especially if Nelson and/or Adams miss the game.

For a less-expensive option, Jesse James is primed for a big day against New England.  Ladarius Green has a concussion, so James should see several targets this weekend.


Tough week for defense with all of the high-powered offenses going, but New England probably has the best matchup against a quarterback that has shown a tendency to throw picks on the road.

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