Top 5 Bros of Ireland / St Paddy’s Special

There is long list of distinguished bros that hail from the Emerald Isle. From influential writers and broets like James Joyce and Oscar Wilde, to incredible actors like Peter O’Toole and ummm… Colin Farrell, truly some of the most BRO people come from Ireland. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, lets highlight some of Ireland’s Broest.

Honorable Mention) Connor and Murphy McManus – Vigilantes for Jesus, bro!

There is nothing more bro than these bros who happened to be bros. Crime bosses all over world will know the full might of the Vatican (or maybe we should just pretend the sequel never happened) when they are on their knees with these two praying behind them. “And shepherds we shall be…”

The Top Five


5) Pierce Brosnan – The guy played James Bond and the word bro is literally in his name… nuff said!



4) Conor McGregor – You may have heard of The Notorious.

You know, the only concurrent two division champion in UFC history. The guy that may or may not fight Mayweather next. You know who the fook this guy is. He always rolls two Rolls deep. He didn’t come to take part, he came to take over!



3) Grace O’Malley – She was call the Sea Queen of Connacht! This chick was all about that #piratelife and she lived boldly. When she met with Queen Elizabeth, she refused to bow because she did not recognize Britain’s authority over Ireland. She once stopped by the Howth Castle for a visit and was turned away because the family was at dinner. She proceed to kidnap their grandson and demand that they always keep an extra place setting at the table in case of unexpected visitors. The Howth family gifted her with a ring as a sign of their acknowledgement and acquiescence to her demands. To this day, the Howth Castle keeps an extra place setting for dinner. Like… bro, respect.



2) Michael Collins – You know you are bro when freaking Liam Neeson plays you in a movie about you. Liam Neeson of Tooken fame. Yeah, that Liam Neeson:

Collins straight up graduated from the school of badassery. He was an intelligence officer, a politician, and a soldier. He did it all, and he did it for Ireland. Bro led the Irish Republican Army against the Brits in the Ireland’s War of Independence. He was a patriot to his very core, and was beloved by his countrymen. His funeral was attended by over 500,000 people, or put another way, an astonishing 1/5 of the population of Ireland at the time.



1) St. Patrick – Come on, what did you expect?! This is his day after all. Funny fact, he wasn’t even Irish. He was, however, kidnaped by Irish raiders and spent 6 years a slave. When he escaped he joined a monastery in England. Instead of being resentful of his experience, he took it as an opportunity to grow in his faith and set out to do the Lord’s work. He even drove all of the snakes out of Ireland, figuratively… probably. I mean Ireland’s climate isn’t really conducive for snakes, but you never know.

So go enjoy a pint of probably Guinness, and celebrate this most excellent of days with a little Irish flair. Arthur Guinness (fellow Irishman ) says “you’re welcome” btw. Remember to eat plenty of corned beef and drink some Jameson. Bro tip, if the beer you’re drinking is green, it sucks.


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