MW Eryk Anders Interview / LFA 14 / Bellator NYC Breakdown (Video)

Face The Facts Ep 3

It is time for these athletes to Face The Facts! FTF is a series focused on interviews with professional athletes where we ask the hard hitting questions the big media donks (see Luke Thomas) are too afraid to ask.This episode we get a chance to talk with undefeated middleweight, Eryk Anders. We talk with him about getting to see the world, his journey into mix martial arts, and why he is betting on Conor in the big money-weight fight against Mayweather! We talk about the team that helps prepare him for his fights and discuss his headlining middleweight title match at LFA 14.

Then we take him to task in the speed rounds where Eryk offers up some very surprising answers including his sleeper pick to win next years Super Bowl! Eryk talks about how football prepared him mentally for mma. He also shares his insights about patience shared with him by his former coach and mentor, Nick Saban. As Eryk puts it, “you can’t rush things, you have to trust the process.” Really cool guy, y’all are going to want to check this out.

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