UFC Fight Night 112: Oklahoma, Where the Wind Comes Sweepin Down the Plain

Another UFC Fight Night card this weekend, and luckily for those of us in the good ol’ USofA it’s a Sunday primetime card rather than starting before the cock crows.

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Anyway, you know how this works, so let’s roll.

The headlining event pits Michael Chiesa ($8,100) against Kevin Lee in a battle of relatively unknown lightweights.  Of the two, however, Chiesa is by far the more skilled.  Lee lacks any real way to exploit or stop Chiesa, while the skinny bearded dude is a master of capitalizing on the smallest of mistakes or openings.  I’m expecting an early submission victory.

Longtime MMA fans know that whenever Tim Means ($9,000) is involved, you’re going to get a muthaf-ing fight.  His losses have come against fighters able to withstand the  “mean” flurries of knees and elbows who then capitalize on the subsequent openings.  Reyes is not one of those fighters.  Mr. Meany Pants with a brutal finish.

Oh  BJ Penn ($7,400).  You looked awful the last time we saw you fight.  Siver isn’t a world beater though, so maybe you can win this and then walk away?

Clay Guida is a fan favorite, I know.  His legendary chin and gas tank has allowed him to mask the gaping flaws in his fight game for years.  Unfortunately for  him, everyone gets old, and that chin and gas tank are swiftly on there way out.  Erick Koch ($8,600) is going to take advantage of “The Carpenter” this Sunday for submission finish.  I envision Koch catching Guida with a shot before jumping on him to sink in the sub.

Devin Powell isn’t very good.  Don’t get me wrong, there is promise there, but a decent UFC fighter will easily outclass him.  Darrell Horcher ($9,200) might have an 0-1 UFC record, but his debut was on short notice against Khabib.  In that fight he was able to land some heavy shots on the contender and was able to walk away with a lost of respect from fight fans.  He’s going to KO Powell.

Everyone loves Mortal Kombat, right?  Well the real life version of Johnny Cage is fighting in OKC in the form of Johnny Casee ($7,800).  He hasn’t fought in awhile due to injury, but if he is anywhere close to the action fighter he was before the injury, Tony Martin is in for a rough night.





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