Matthew Kline Kader Interview / UFC BW Cody Garbrandt / Bodybuilding vs. MMA / Bellator NYC Breakdown Video

Face The Facts Ep 4

It is time for these athletes to Face The Facts! FTF is a series focused on interviews with professional athletes where we ask the hard hitting questions the big media donks (see Luke Thomas) are too afraid to ask.This episode we get a chance to talk with body builder and internet personality, Matthew Kline Kader. We talk with him about lifting heavy, eating clean, and fighting champions! We go over all sorts of subjects in the the most fearless FTF yet.

Matthew was very candid and open about his thoughts on the UFC and offers up his solutions to the PED scandal that surrounds mma. He talks about how Chael Sonnen is more talk than walk ahead of his fight with Silva at #BellatorNYC. We talk supplements, body building advice, controversial takes on Warmachine, and how to deal with hot chicks. We also cover the internet beef he has with one Cody Garbrandt, which will culminate in a (maybe) fight at Team Alpha Male Gym on Sunday June 25th.Then we take him to task in the speed rounds where Matthew offers up his thoughts on cat sized spiders and Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather. Y’all are going to want to check this out!

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