UFC BW Brad Pickett Interview / UFC 213 / One Punch Man / McGregor Messing w/ Mayweather!

Face The Facts Ep 6

It is time for these athletes to Face The Facts! FTF is a series focused on interviews with professional athletes where we ask the hard hitting questions the big media donks (see Luke Thomas) are too afraid to ask.This episode we get a chance to talk with mma legend, Brad “One Punch” Pickett. We talk about his storied career and the process of transitioning into retirement.


Brad is not taking it easy since he has hung up his gloves. He still trains, coaches, and plans on competing in grappling tournaments. We ask Brad about the pressure fighters feel to perform and compete even when the fans are calling for their retirement. Brad shares with us how it is not so simple for a fighter like BJ Penn to walk away from the game. Brad also shares his insights into McGregor’s success and how McGregor can marginalize Mayweather’s masculinity pre fight. He also picks who he would like his fellow countryman and UFC MW champion Michael Bisping to fight next.

Then he enters the intimidating speed rounds where he offers up his insights on dragons, life mottos, and Brexit. The man is simply a walking talking encyclopedia of mma knowledge, you are going to want to check this out!

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