UFC SW Amanda Bobby Cooper Interview / On Fighting and Gaming / UFC 214 Discussion

Face The Facts Ep 9

It is time for these athletes to Face The Facts! FTF is a series focused on interviews with professional athletes where we ask the hard hitting questions the big media donks (see Luke Thomas) are too afraid to ask. This episode we get a chance to talk with UFC women’s straw-weight, Amanda Bobby Cooper. We talk about her journey from boxing to mma, playing video games (ready for Destiny 2), and fashion faux pas. She grew up in a combat sports friendly household, but that didn’t always mean a clear path to being a professional fighter. Amanda is refreshingly honest as she reflects on her career, and discusses what she hopes to achieve moving forward.

We then put Amanda to task, having her answer some of the hardest-hitting questions, like: what is your favorite candy bar? How do you really feel about man buns? Lesser people might have wilted under such pressure, but Amanda confronts the tough questions head-on in a very fun interview. This episode is like a nice hug for your ears. Give it a listen.

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