UFC 214 Anaheim: Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones / Let Them Eat Cake / Fight Breakdown


The Bros are back with the best damn UFC 214 breakdown around! They get right into the action with competing picks. Will Viet finally best Matt 2 Stripe? Can Manuwa KO a sharp Oezdemir? Lawler’s chin is still good, right? Can Tonya Evinger survive and wear down Cyborg? The future is murky even to Brostradamus.

You know we have to give some love to Jiujitsu ace Damian Maia, but Tyron Woodley has his own strong BRO (Blueprint to Rule the Octagon). And how will the improved versions of Cormier and Jones fare? This episode gets down to business (notice any huns around… didn’t thing so), but we make sure to give some love to Jason “The Kid” Knight while throwing shade at the big dogs who won’t come and Face the Facts (*ahem, Al Jo).

It’s an action-packed #UFC214 podcast just for you. Don’t forget the announcements on upcoming articles and videos. What’s better than cake and fights. This episode:

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