The OFFICIAL Bro Lexicon!

Much like Brahristotle’s “Brosterior Analytics”, this guide will set the foundation for all future investigations and bronouncements.

Bro – Standard usage. The subject (or object, we don’t judge) for statements, inquiries, and more.


“Hey bro, what are you up to?”

“Bro, look at this crucial workout I added to my routine.”

“The bros are headed to the bar to watch sportsball.”

Brah – For social posturing or chest-puffing.

“Brah, I took 2 pre-law classes in college, I’m pretty sure I can argue my way out of this ticket.”

“Nah, brah, I’m totes happy with my current insurance plan.”

“Yo brah…


Bruh – Can connote sarcasm or disapproval.

“Sweet jorts, bruh.”

“Come on, bruh!”


Breh – Connotes surprise or astonishment.

“Breh, did you see Harden cross that guy up?”

“Breh, you saw aliens though?”



1) A term of chastisement. “BRO! I can’t believe you stocked your fridge with Michelob Ultra!”

2) Acronym for “Blueprint to Rule the Octagon” (see BBYK fight breakdowns)

3) Can be used to dissuade someone from further discourse.


Someone gets into a passionate rant about racial inequality in the marketing of males in combat sports. “BRO!”

In the company of bro’s girlfriend. “Hey remember that time in Vegas…” “…BRO!”

Broooo – An extreme form of “breh”. Can imply fear or consequence.

“You just took 20 shots? Broooo.”

“Broooo, McGregor just REKT (Mayweather).”

“You don’t read BBYK? Broooo.”


Portmanbro – a linguistic blend  of the term bro and other words.

Example: Bromance – a close but nonsexual relationship between two men.


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