McGregor vs Mayweather: Illuminati Confirmed? / 8-ounce gloves / Malignaggi x Game of Thrones leaks

BBYK 55: Special Mayweather vs McGregor Preview

The Bros are back with an exciting preview of the boxing match we’ve all been waiting for! We break down the glove size, the training footage, and the fight itself. Viet shares his thoughts on why he thinks Conor will shock the world! This is THE definitive breakdown of Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather!

We answer the tough questions: Is Floyd going to wipe the floor with Conor? Is Pauli Malignaggi a crybaby? Has Illuminati been confirmed? Should the talking heads go into hiding with their useless drivel? Maybe, yes, yes, and hell f***ing yes. This is heavy stuff, but fear not: we keep it 100. There is also a response to fight analyst Robin Black’s own “breakdown” of the fight. Sure, Uber is better than Taxis, but is the best Uber driver better than the best Taxi driver?

We cover everything from illuminati to Malignaggi! What does Punch Out teach us? What do we think about angles and stances? Can Mystic Mac utilize the bolo punch? Can the Philly shell be penetrated? And most importantly, how should be bet the big and small bucks on this matchup? While most of the Bros believe that Mayweather will ultimately triumph, Viet disagrees and lays out a couple of strategies of how Conor can emerge victorious! Do you agree with Dave and Matt that Floyd will win? Or are you with Viet and think Conor has got this? The bros spit some truth, so wear your flame-retardant tank tops and buckle up:

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