UFC Fight Night 118 Devin Clark Interview / Is Luke Thomas an Alpha Male? / Training w/ Jones for DC

Face The Facts Ep 11

It is time for these athletes to Face The Facts! FTF is a series focused on interviews with professional athletes where we ask the hard hitting questions the big media donks (see Luke Thomas) are too afraid to ask. This episode we get a chance to talk with UFC LHW Devin “Brown Bear” Clark. We talk about his fight at UFC Kansas City, moving up the rankings, and training with Jon Jones. Devin is a really cool guy and I encourage everyone to give this a listen. Big fan of this guy, he is going to be one of the scariest guys in that division.

We then put Devin to task, having him answer some of the hardest-hitting questions, like: what would you change your name to? What celebrity would you rate a 10? Lesser people might have wilted under such pressure, but Devin confronts the tough questions head-on in a very fun interview. This episode is 50 shades of schway!

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