UFC 217: Bisping v. GSP / No Love for Cody? / A Rose by any other name still gets her butt kicked…

BBYK Ep 58

The Bros are back to talk about the return of the welterweight king… at middleweight! Is this an opportunistic fight for the French Canadian star, or is the inevitable division of an ambition indomitable talent. Before we get into any of that, this card has plenty of other intriguing matchups and stars to discuss. At the beginning of the main card we have Johny Hendricks vs. his diet. Also an undefeated knockout artist. Next we have a hell of a matchup between perennial contender Stephen Wonderboy Thompson and Jorge Gamebred Masvidal. Will Thompson’s striking acumen overwhelm, or will Masvidal find a way to win?

After that we have the start of 3 title fights, starting with Joanna Champion, who is not only talking the talk but walking the walk. She faces Thug Rose Namajunas in her “toughest fight yet!” Does Rose have what it takes to defeat the queen of women’s mma? Does anybody? Next we have the most anticipated fight on the card, Cody Garbrandt takes on former teammate turned enemy, TJ Dillashaw in what should be a fireworks display of violence. The Champ and former champ have looked good as of late, who reigns supreme. The Bros break this one down with the help of dinosaur analogies.

And the moment we have all been waiting for, the return of GSP! He takes on Bisping for the MW belt. Is this opportunistic for GSP? Will Bisping be able to stop the takedown onslaught? Will the Champ’s reign feel like an asterisks if he loses to a welterweight coming out of retirement? El Burrito is here to represent Canada and ensure GSP fans that there man will no only win, he will the MW champ until he decides to call it quits for the second time. Also Congrats to the Houston Astros, your World Series Champions!


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