UFC Fight Night Norfolk – Daily Fantasy Picks

The UFC brings us one of the better Fight Night cards in awhile with an evening that promises violence from start to finish.

The main card starts at 10pm eastern on Fox Sports 1, while the prelims are at 8pm also on Fox Sports 1.  The early prelims are at 6:30pm on Fight Pass.

I use DraftKings for my UFC daily fantasy fix, so if you don’t have an account you can sign up here (and get a 50% bonus on your initial deposit). Also, you can check out the scoring criteria here.

Now let’s get down to business.

Andrei Arlovski ($7,200) is on a five fight losing streak.  Andrei Arlovski might be done.  But Andrei Arlovski might not be done. His opponent, Junior Albini, is young and hungry, and has looked pretty good in his career so far, but he hasn’t fought someone with Arlovski’s speed and power. Might Albini find Arlovski’s weak chin early and put him away? Yes. But at that price, I’m betting on Andrei showing Junior that he still has some things to learn.

Clay Guida and Joe Lauzon ($8,100) have never fought each other, despite the fact they’ve been in the UFC for a combined twenty plus years. However, the Carpenter’s legendary chin is gone by this point, and Lauzon’s hurricane start should allow him to finish off the shorter fighter.

Marlon Moreas is super skilled, but John Dodson ($8,300) is just quicker and stronger. Dodson is the real deal, and his power definitely translates a weight class up, where he looks even quicker than he did at 125 compared to his opponents. Dodson with an early KO.

Despite the fact that Tatiana Suarez ($9,200) hasn’t fought since her time on TUF 23, she still possesses some of the best wrestling and submission skills in the division. Her opponent, Viviane Pereira, has some mean hands, but those won’t matter as much if she can’t keep the fight standing. Suarez drags the fight to the mat for a finish.

The UFC knows what they have in Sage Northcutt ($8,500), an athletic freak with some of the flashiest stand-up in the entire organization, and literally no ground game. And after a string of tough stylistic match ups, they’ve finally given him another opponent against whom he can show off. Don’t blink, dis gonna be good.

Marcel Fortuna ($8,600) has always been known for his grappling, but he’s recently shown some legitimate power in his hands as well. Collier can throw as well, but his lack of defense will be his downfall here. Whether by strikes or by sub, Fortuna gets the finish on the Fight Pass pre-lims.


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