Brosgiving: Fashion Turkey Advice!

It is that turkey eating time of year again, when families gather around their tables and gorge on feasts fit for pilgrims. We will be full-on bordering on uncomfortable and many will have a hard time managing staying awake to watch the afternoon football games. Just blame it on the l-tryptophan.

*Side note: Foods containing tryptophan tend to encourage better sleeping patterns and decrease headaches. So eat more turkey (or any meat, cheese, egg, or fish). Yes, you are especially tired on Thanksgiving because of the planning, cooking, family, and –mostly– the over eating.

Before we even get to that, we need to cover the basics.

What are you even going to wear to Thanksgiving???

Or if you just want the audio:

While we hang out with loved ones and enjoy the company of those for whom we care a great deal but perhaps don’t see often, be thankful for a holiday that can be a little on the nose. Thanksgiving can be a little cheesy, and I’m not just talking about the cheese on the casserole your aunt just brought over.

In the spirit of being a little corny, here are things I am thankful for:

My wife.

My family and friends.

The Astros winning the World Series.

Batman punching bad guys in the face.


Happy Thanksgiving from the Bros!


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