May We Never Forget!

Day 9

Happy Saturday, you beautiful people. Here it is –the weekend– and here we are on Day 9 of our Christmas Countdown.

Today we are going to talk about fashion. Fashion is a cornerstone of the BBYK brand. In collaboration with the trend-setting icon Fashion Turkey, we donate every year to Gobbles For Fashion, a charity organization that provides a variety of chinos to men that wear khakis. For every Jake from State Farm out there, Gobbles For Fashion is a beacon of hope, an alternative for those that want to be comfortable, business casual, but not held back by pleated camel-flage.


We don’t see ourselves as heroes. More like a watchful guardian, a “fashion knight,” if you will. Fashion means a great deal to us.

A few weeks back, a new Miss Universe was crowned and we are huge fans. Like for reals, she started a self defense program to teach young women martial arts, inspiring a new generation of fashion-forward Thug Roses. Congrats to Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa, we are sure you will go on to do great and inspiring things in world like the Miss Universes that preceded you.


Speaking of the Miss Universes of years past, Fashion Turkey urges us to “remember, remember, the 8th of November” (2013*). As we blaze onwards with our fashionable endeavors, it is with a healthy and humble recognition of the legends before us who helped forge this world. To that end, we will honor the brave women of the now iconic 2013 Miss Universe Pageant. To set the mood, please hit play to the theme song of Micheal Bay’s beloved hit franchise movie:

Now that everything is proper, sit back and relive the magic and wonder of theĀ 2013 Miss Universe Pageant’s costume parade. Do not be ashamed if the beauty moves you to tears, it is only natural.

We encourage you to pay close attention to the use of feathers, the way that state landmarks are incorporated into these beautiful dresses, and discuss cultural appropriateness of these interpretations with your friends and family.

(Trust us, it’s better if you appreciate each and every one fully).



Truly an epic display of American dominance, even in the field of Fashion. Before you go out into the world, strutting your brave Fashion sense, we leave you with this song as a reminder. As lovely as Fashion is, it is equally dangerous!

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