No Mas Chenko

Day 10

“No mas” means “no more” for the less Spanish-ly gifted readers among you. It is a versatile phrase that works in a whole host of situations. It can be spoken defiantly, when standing up to a bully. It can be a thought during self reflection, when moderating one’s diet or behavior. However, its most devastating form is when it’s uttered involuntarily, an admission to yourself and your maker that you can take no more. In college I had a buddy that went through the crucible of cheap tequila only to come out the other side a man defeated, his body and spirit broken.


When contemplating his future and the current state of his intestines, he had but one thing left to say.

“No mas.”

Vasyl Lomachenko continues to rock the boxing world with a dominate victory over Guillermo Rigondeaux. The pair fought on Top Rank Boxing’s ESPN showcase from inside Madison Square Garden in New York City. That the fight looked as lopsided as it was is a testament to how truly special Vasyl is. This was on paper a great match up between two decorated Olympic Gold Medalist. Vasyl made it look like BBQ chicken. He won so impressively that he joked that he should change his name to “No Mas” Chenko because these fighters always end up wanting no more of Vasyl’s brilliantly dynamic and unpredictable form of boxing.

This is some really cool stuff we are witnessing, fight fans: this is boxing’s next superstar. Congrats to Vasyl on the victory and as a treat for fans of The Matrix, here is an awesome highlight mix of Lomachenko:

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