Beware the Tigerman!

Day 11

This Christmas Season, if you decide to do some Holiday hiking, stay safe and do not mess with the Tigerman. The Tigerman can (very rarely) be seen in the forest hunting his prey. The more likely scenario is that Tigerman has spotted you, and now you’re dinner. The Tigerman is very fast and nimble, and he attacks with incredible precision. Truly Tigerman is the thing of nightmares!


This (above) is a picture of the Tigerman. Please, if you value your life, do not interact with the beast. Do not make eye contact. Do not feed him your slower friend, because we aren’t savages. Do not for a second believe you can tame Tigerman. He is a feral animal, wild in both spirit and appetite. Observe the Tigerman (below), in his natural habitat. He is cunning. He is deadly. PKlE3ol.jpg

Also beware of people under the influence. Happy Hiking!

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