RE7 New Free DLC

By: Matt Alexander

FINALLY!!! “Not A Hero”, is out after almost a year delay. The result is a short but brutal addition to the main story as Chris Redfield (complete with new facial structure) chases down those responsible for the Baker estate drama. New enemies and paramilitary buddies provide a nice contrast to the main game.

Also released is “End of Zoe”, a fisticuffs-driven romp through the bayous of Louisiana. It chronicles the aftermath of the events with Eveline and their effect on the Baker family. Also also, swamp creatures and swearing. Also also also, effigy trinkets. It’s pretty rad.

Try out the new DLC! If you have the game, you already paid for it. So it’s not really free. But are we ever truly free to abstain from short but sweet extra content on another entry in Capcom’s favorite franchise?


8/10 Brofists

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