Deep Thursday Thoughts

Day 14

How do you live? That is the question. We’re going to do a little #ThrowbackThursday with one of BBYK’s favorite movies of all time, the 2001 Stiller directed classic Zoolander. Derek Zoolander’s tale was a great underdog story of a rich and ridiculously good looking male model overcoming being brainwashed by fashion terrorists to save the Prime Minister of Micronesia. It was however his foil turn bro for life that elevates the movie to the deep and insightful masterpiece it is remembered for today. Hansel was unique, #YOLO before hash-tagging was a thing. He didn’t get angry on the internet or have political discussions on Facebook. In fact every time he sees his feed flooded with rage vomit, he would respond with a gif of himself.


The thing about Hansel is, he was incorruptible. He could not be bought or bullied. Hansel was a free spirit, he simply lived. Hansel would be for Net Neutrality if he knew what it was, but he doesn’t. He thinks that it is something that exist inside of a computer. And you know what? That’s not completely wrong. Hansel was an original without striving to be unique. He was comfortable living boldly as himself, unashamed. How do you live your life? How much do you care about the products you use or being identified by the media you consume? Point is, when things get hard in life, ask yourself “what would Hansel do?” Answer: probably the best he can with no future plan.


Go be better today. Teach yourself how to surf. Create some music. Go ride a bull. Party with Conor McGregor. Live Life Hansel!

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