The Plumbus

Day 17

We are getting very close to Christmas, and that means it is the homestretch of Holiday shopping. Allow us to introduce to you the hottest gift this Christmas Season…

ivns_plumbus_inuse (1)

…the Plumbus! You might be wondering how they even make a Plumbus. Here is a short educational video about the Plumbus.

Or if you prefer to read:


A marvel when it was first announced a few years ago, each iteration of the Plumbus has demonstrated marked improvements in both ergonomics and enjoyment. For Christmas, get that special someone the gift everyone is raving about. Now offered in the (probably more expensive) pro model, the Plumbus X.


From the manufacturer: To create the new Plumbus, every fundamental element of the device had to be completely imagined, and then, reimagined.

Good luck, beautiful people, as you finish up your holiday shopping. And after your are done, maybe treat yourself to a little Christmas Plumbus. After all of that hard work and your charitable spirit, you deserve it!


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