Bill and Ted’s Excellent Ugly Sweater

Day 18

It’s getting ever closer to Christmas, and we have another great gift idea. If you haven’t seen Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, do yourself a favor and get on that! I’m not even sure how you function and participate in society without the valuable lessons taught in this seminal work of art. While Keanu has gone on to have a successful career as one of Hollywood’s most well-respected actors, this movie may have been his crowning achievement. Observe this scene in the movie that basically covered everything I learned in my Philosophy of Man course in college:

Of course if you have watched the movie, you are obviously a huge fan. So if you are still looking for gifts, be excellent to those who are fans of the film and gift them something that will warm the cockles of their icy hearts. The Bill and Ted Excellent Ugly Sweater!


Available at Middle of Beyond.

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