Taco Tuesday

Day 19

After a night (or day) of drinking beer, what do you crave?

Taco Bell.

But what if I told you that you could get your Taco Bell AND more beer? That’s right, you heard correctly. Taco Bell is now debuting their very own brew, perfectly crafted to enhance all of those complex tastes of the Crunchwrap Supreme. I know that’s what I think when I eat a Crunchwrap – “what this could really use is a nice, perfectly crafted, Mexican Lager”.

Well it’s here.

Unfortunately, the beer is only available in one of Taco Bell’s “Cantina” locations (you know the fancy establishments from Demolition Man), but we can all hope and pray for a Christmas miracle and that the beer will soon be available nationwide.

After all, cheap tacos and beer is all that I want for Christmas.


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