Christmas Ch-Ch-Chinchilla!

Day 21

Today we have little #ThrowbackThursday to a gift idea we shared a couple years ago. Beware, this gift is devastatingly cute. The gift is easy to set up, the opposite of self-sufficient, and great for all ages. If you are still looking for a gift, well I blame Amazon and the ever improving shipping industry for that. You were probably just super busy with work or family or both. The circumstances of which I am sure are very unique to you, because you have a beautiful soul. So relax, I got you. This Christmas bless other beautiful souls with the gift of fluffiness. Give them…

…Ch-Ch-Chinchilla (Prime shipping)


Santa is up in the north-most pole, busy crushing two helpings of cookies a day to build up his stamina. The reindeers are fine-tuning different flight formations to maximize their lickety-split speed. Others, unfortunately, may have started stressing out with Christmas right around the corner. Don’t be one of those people. Strive to be calm in the clutch and wise enough to seek help when necessary. This Christmas, don’t stress the in-laws. Just check out our legendary BRAHLIDAY GUIDE:



Go Crush Christmas!


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