Flight of The Conchords – Top 10 Songs

They are turning kids into to slaves to make cheaper sneakers, but whats the real cost because the sneakers don’t seem that much cheaper. Why are we still paying so much for sneakers when we have child slaves making them? What are your overheads?

Just think about that one. Once every generation we have a band that transcends music. By the sheer forces of charisma, humor, and angelic voices, their music moves the listener to question their personal politics, philosophy, and sense of self. Rejoice lovers of satirical folk music, they are back. Flight of the Conchords will return to HBO for a one-hour comedy special in May. The New Zealand-duo will tape a live special on their United Kingdom tour that will feature beloved classic FOTC tunes, while also featuring some brand new material. That is right. The world will get a few more original FOTC songs, that by itself is worth celebrating. To commemorate their return, BBYK is going to list our top 10 FOTC tunes.


10. Jenny was how BBYK was introduced to FOTC. This song about love, heartbreak, and mistaken identity kicks off the list at 10!

9. Foux Da Fa Fa is the perfect song to accompany a picnic date. Learn a little French as you feast on baguetttes and boeuf!

8. Black Mirror before it was thing, Robots is a cautionary tale about angry, well, robots. We appreciate you Alexa… no don’t turn on the TV… you stupid piece of… wait, activating the poisonous gases app?

7. A song inspired and written by children for the charity Cure Kids? It is time to Feel Inside (and stuff like that).

6. This song is all about the art of seduction. Want to get a girl to like you? Call her The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room). Women value compliments, honesty, and food.

5. FOTC’s foray into club music deals with an issue guys face at the clubs.

4. Spawning an entire market of YouTube videos featuring fictional rap battles, Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros stands tall as the OG! Don’t go around causing trouble because you never know who you are messing with.

3. This next song was an original song for the FOTC HBO series, and therefore may not be as well known. However, its catchy tune, wonderfully shot music video, and insightful lyrics means this makes the list. Listen as the figurative ghosts of girlfriends past haunt Jermaine with reminders of how immature and ill-suited for relationships he was. A poignant reminder to the men out there that want to make sure they don’t lose another Carol Brown.

2. The opening quote is just one of the many “Issues” that FOTC cover in one of their best songs. The song is singlehandedly responsible for the decrease in deaths due to forks worldwide. Listen to this one, not with your ears, but with your heart.

1. The greatest FOTC of all time is a sexy time anthem TO END ALL SEXY TIME ANTHEMS! Guess what time it? That’s right, it is Business Time!

What do you think of our list? We know we may have left off your favorite you Mutha ‘uckers. Here is one last honorable mention for those of you that have hurt feelings about our list.

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