Cursed Team Lebron vs. Blessed Team Stephen / Mavs: Commit to tanking/ Rockets vs. Spurs rematch? / NBA All-Star Breakdown


The Texas Triangle Trio are back to discuss Texas NBA basketball! The Mavs are finally deciding to tank in a year that every bad team is openly tanking, #RaceToTheBottom! The Rockets and Spurs seemed to be destined to have a rematch in the playoffs. How are they looking and how will the second go-around play out for these two top seeded teams? Will James Harden finally win MVP? Will the Spurs ever get healthy? Why does Pau Gasol always look like someone stole his lunch money. Will JJ Barea get his jersey retired? Does Joe Johnson qualify for AARP? We answer these questions and more in the TTT segment of the podcast.

Next we breakdown the NBA All-stars. How did the All-star draft play out? Which team will win, cursed #TeamLebron or blessed #TeamStephen? Also, what constitutes being a celebrity for the Celebrity All-star game? Youtube content creators are now “celebrities?” Are we celebrities? *checks sunscribers… No, no we are not.

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