Breaking down McGregor’s future / Conor & Dolly vs. Khabib & Bear – NXT Tag Team / Thug Rose vs. Joanna former Champion / UFC 223

BBYK Ep 63

The Bros are back for the epic UFC 223 card featuring Tony Ferg… featuring Max Hollo… Anthony Pet… Paul… Mother F’n Raging Al! He won the slashie at the 2017 Real Estate Awards as the best Fighter / Agent, and not the other way around. The Bros talk about Iaquinta’s showdown with Khabib and more in this verbally rousing episode of Broest Bros.


Conor is back in the headlines and for all the same reasons with very different context. He is back to doing his thing, force other fighters into a holding pattern, potentially robbing some of a paycheck, and otherwise not giving a shit about anyone not in Conor’s crew. Artem won the friendship lottery and the rest of us have to deal with the aftermath. Three fights canceled. A future in doubt. The Bros discuss Conor in depth and tell you what they think the UFC should do moving forward.

So give it a listen, your ears have been so good, they deserve this:

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