UFC 224 / Mackenzie Dern’s Bewbs / BYE Yair / Belfort’s retirement / Stay classy Rio (Fight Breakdown)

UFC Rio De Janeiro is here but the bros have some other big UFC news to break down first. We say BYE BYE BYE to could have been Yair Rodriguez, and discuss what is next for the flashy fighter. Next we talk about how UFC 224 has hit us with a hell of a bait and switch. So long super fight between Cyborg and Nunes, hello fight nobody cares about “Pennington v. Nunes!” Did that get you excited? Well, we are here to tell you five reasons why this fight is awesome. You won’t believe how reasons 2-5 don’t exist!

We have a barnburner at the start of main card with Kelleher and Lineker. Then we have a fight that fight fans have been waiting a (very very) long time for. The first match of a trilogy that will be concluded in the Bellator heavyweight grand prix, we have Belfort vs Machida. Might we see a double retirement?

Next we have the UFC’s it girl vs the girl that made weight like a nerd. Amanda Bobby Cooper seeks to derail the overweight hype train that is Mackenzie Dern. The bros talk about the science of boobs and takedowns in what looks to be a one-sided grudge match. Next we have an interesting middleweight bout between Gastelum and Souza. It will be a battle of speed vs power. And of course there is still the much lauded main event. No worries fight fans, UFC 225 is lit!

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