UFC Chile Daily Fantasy Picks

Well, UFC 225 is going to be STACKED.

Unfortunately, until then, these fight night cards will be a little lacking in star power, outside of the main events. This weekend in Chile, the “Nigerian Nightmare” Kamaru Usman is finally getting his highly ranked opponent in Damien Maia, and y’all should take note. Additionally, the card gives us several instances of good matchmaking, so despite the lack of name brand value, it should be a fun night of face punching.

The main card kicks off at 10pm eastern on Fox Sports 1, while the prelims start at 8pm, also on FS1 (which begs the question, what’s the difference between the main card and the prelim card?). The early prelims kicks off the evening at 6:30pm on FightPass.

I use DraftKings for my UFC daily fantasy fix, so if you don’t have an account you can sign up here (and get a 50% bonus on your initial deposit). Also, you can check out the scoring criteria here.

Now let’s get down to business.

Value Picks

  • Syuri Kondo ($7,500) is a slick striker, boasting a 13-1 pro kickboxing record. Her opponent, Poliana Botelho has a penchant for throwing winging strikes, which should open up more than ample opportunities for Kondo to make her mark on Poliana’s face. Additionally, Pearl Gonzalez was able to control Poliana for what seemed like an entire fight, and Kondo has the skill to turn that control into a beating. Besides, she’s a former pro wrestler, so what’s not to love?
  • Brandon Moreno ($8,000) already fought Alexandre Pantoja once, back on TUF. While Pantoja won that matchup, Moreno has arguably had the better UFC run, and has also show the most improvement since that time on the TV show. Besides, Moreno finished Dustin Ortiz, while Pantoja was beaten by Ortiz, so you know, MMA math…


  • You’ve probably picked up on a trend in these articles. When a particular fighter is surprisingly cheap, their opponent is usually surprisingly expensive and ends up on the bottom half of the article. Case in point: Poliana Botelho ($8,900) is listed as one of the most expensive fighters on the card, despite the fact that Kondo should probably be the favorite. She didn’t look good in her win against Pearl Gonzalez, and we shouldn’t expect much more here.
  • I like Frankie Saenz ($9,100), and I’m picking him to win this fight, but he just does not have the fighting style to justify that price-tag. He doesn’t land a ton of significant strikes, doesn’t land many takedowns, and doesn’t finish his opponents. Without those, it’s hard to score DFS points. Spend that cash elsewhere.

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