Deadpool 2 Review — (Not Infinity Wars… and Now With More Mutant!)

Another superhero team up of movie reviews from two of the BBYK’s best and brightest. 

By: Dan Torres

After being smacked around by Infinity Wars two weeks ago, I thought it would be good to watch something a little lighter this time. Something that didn’t take itself too seriously, or pull my heartstrings quite like watching baby Groot be vaporized right after muttering “Dad.” So like millions of other Americans this past weekend, I went to watch Deadpool 2, because I just didn’t get enough of Ryan Reynold’s crotch being rubbed in a man’s face in the first movie, and I needed a second serving. It turned out the movie was all that I expected: dirty, disrespectful, juvenile, and immature – all those awesome things I’ve learned to love. But in addition to that it was also funny, self-aware, and completely making fun of its own genre. This is where the Deadpool series really makes its money. It deliberately mocks itself, the superhero movie genre, and the nerds (like me) that watch it.


The actual plot of the movie hardly matters all that much. The bad guy, Cable, has come from the future to go full terminator mode on the teenage version of his nemesis, Firefist, who murdered Cable’s family in some dark dystopian future. Meanwhile, Deadpool has befriended the teenage Firefist, and is trying to protect him, while simultaneously attempting to teach him that burning innocent families alive is a bad idea. Because clearly Deadpool is the moral paragon he should be following. At one point in the movie, when Cable spills his sad back story for the audience, Deadpool turns to the camera and says “well that’s just lazy writing.” I for one could not agree more. However the plot and the back stories aren’t why people come to see these movies. They come to see Ryan Reynold’s hijinks, a healthy dose of self-aware potty humor, and enough CGI action to make a grown man ADHD.


One of the major curve balls that the movie throws the audience is the X-Forces team. We’ve all seen other superhero movies where the protagonist realizes that he needs to recruit a team of plucky heroes to save the day. The plucky heroes are introduced one by one, they have a “let’s work together” montage, and just like that, you’ve got a squad of superheroes. This movie follows this same pattern except for one detail; the whole squad of supers die within ten minutes of the montage. And they don’t just die. They get shredded, melted, splattered, and electrified in a hilarious and gory mockery of cheesy superhero team building. Unlike many other superhero movies, Deadpool 2 is uniquely aware of how ridiculous it is. Instead of trying to cover it up with montages, plot devices, or overwrought back stories, it embraces it for all it’s worth. That’s why we end up with a hero who’s more violent and potty-mouthed then most villains, or why the badass team of X-Force dies within the ten minutes of being introduced, or why time travel is used as casually as the toilet. Speaking of which, there’s an end credit scene featuring time travel that’s probably the best I’ve seen in any superhero movie. By whatever thin chance you haven’t already seen it – go see it.


The humor in this movie can get a little grinding by the very end, especially in the few scenes where the movie is actually trying to be serious and dramatic.  When a movie reaches the point where the protagonist is looking into the camera and literally apologizing for the crappy writing, the movie has lost any serious dramatic creditability. So the handful a dramatic scenes it does have end up being nothing more than a temporary pause between jokes. But those scenes don’t last long, and then we go straight back to Ryan Reynold’s crotch being shoved into Josh Brolin’s face. Yea! The movie was a fun and refreshing joke on the whole Marvel universe, one I think the audience badly needed after the last superhero movie. So long as you aren’t looking for anything particularly deeper than that, you’ll love it.


By: Matt Alexander

Did you enjoy the first Deadpool movie? Of course you did. The good thing is that in “Deadpool 2” there’s lots of callbacks to the first movie, including George Michael and avocados! But let’s not stop there; this installment takes Deadpool farther than ever in a quest to destroy your innocence and take in mountains of cash.

Josh Brolin shines as Cable, and is equally sassy to match the Merc with the Mouth. Domino is a good addition, played smartly by Zazie Beetz. The returning cast is as sharp as ever, and the banter in the larger scenes never feels cramped. The sequel’s increase in gore and perversity pays off with lots of laughs. The comedy exceeds expectations, which is no small feat.


The movie also sets itself up well against the landscape of other superhero films while still getting mileage from the same tropes. Deadpool gets made into a sort-of X-Men member, fat kid destroys stuff, Cable comes back in time, and a lot of probably unnecessary destruction happens. Yet for all it’s glorious immaturity, the story is thematically rich and tightly-woven (no matter how often the main character berates the writing).

“Deadpool 2” is refreshing take on the character that manages to tell a compelling story without taking its foot off the comedy carnage pedal. Re-watch this one if you’ve seen it. If you haven’t, what is wrong with you?

10/10 BroFists (It Really Is That Good) *Editor’s note: DAMN…


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