Dillashaw vs Garbrandt 2: The Art of Kayfabe / UFC 227 Fight Breakdowns / Will the UFC lose money ignoring diehards for casual fans?


UFC 227 is here, and the Bros breakdown a card that puts Kate Upton to shame it is so top heavy. We have two title fights with a lot on the line. If Dillashaw and Mighty Mouse Johnson win, will we get to see the super fight between the two? We also get down to the nitty gritty. Is T.J. Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt’s beef for real? Like, do these guys actually hate each other? The Bros breakdown how this may be one of the more transparent “bad blood” rivalries in the UFC and a lesson in the art of kayfabe.

The Bros also weigh in on McGregor and Khabib’s potential match up, how the UFC may be losing fans, and why Colby Covington is quietly becoming one of the most important fighters on the roster. Not the hero we want but the hero the UFC deserves. The Bros talk about these topics and much more in this episode of Broest Bros:

Just the audio:

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