Batman Day

Here at BBYK, we take Batman Day seriously. We aspire to be more Batman. Here is a rich dude that could just Dan Bilzerian his not-so-hard-earned-cash away on models, drugs, and Bugattis. Instead, he puts on a caped costume and risks his life making the world a little less sh***y. You ever been to the bad side of town? What do you find yourself saying? Probably something like:

“F*** you Google Maps, I said gentrified urban neighborhoods only!”


Batman doesn’t care if the closest Whole Foods is three whole blocks away, he is here to patrol the F’n streets! He lives by one code – justice, and like a bat, he is out for blood. His is a very hazardous occupation, mind you, not meant for the weak of heart. Every night that he puts on the cowl he is welcoming danger. And danger loves to find him. When Heisenberg knocks, Batman is the one who answers! It doesn’t matter how many times you come at him bro:


Always live your life in pursuit of truth and justice. You’ll make the world a better place. And if you don’t – you might have sense knocked into you by The Batman.


Happy Batman Day!

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