The Movie Manual 🎥| You’ve Got Mail was a Horror Film!

Season 1 (Rom-Coms) – Ep 3
The Bros break down the 1998 RomCom hit, You’ve Got Mail. We ask and answer of the hard hitting questions, like: Was Joe Fox a sociopath? Was You’ve Got Mail actually a horror movie? Who the hell likes hard pretzels? What was Dave Chapelle’s character’s job suppose to be exactly. How big was the OG Fox yacht? Are Mary Louise Parker and Parker Posey related?
Join Viet Doan and Bryan Barrera as they delight in both the inexplicable and the awkward, celebrating the very best (and not so great) that cinema has to offer with big smiles on their faces. This soon-to-be-award-winning podcast takes a jovial and light-hearted approach to an often pretentious world of film review. We answer all of the aforementioned questions and more on this episode of #TheMovieManual

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