UFC Fight Night 150 Daily Fantasy Picks

While this weekend’s card is on ESPN+, it is surprisingly good and could justifiably be on the real deal ESPN. Lots of action matchups up and down the lineup to be enjoyed this Saturday.

I use DraftKings for my UFC daily fantasy fix, so if you don’t have an account you can sign up here (and get a 50% bonus on your initial deposit). Also, you can check out the scoring criteria here. Now let’s get down to business.

Value Picks

  • Jason Gonzalez ($7,600) is an all-offense kind of fighter, and Jim Miller is at the tail-end of his career. Miller might be able to get his wrestling going to neutralize Gonzalez, but Gonzalez did comport himself well in his last fight against uber-prospect Gregor Gillespie.
  • The chin of Ben Saunders ($7,200) is shot, but his opponent does not strike me as the kind of fighter to test that. This fight is also taking place in Saunders’ hometown, it what could very well be his retirement fight. I’m riding with the vet to possibly retire in style.


  • The expectation is that Roosevelt Roberts ($9,500) is set-up for a win here against debuting Thomas Gifford. However, while that very well be the case, I don’t believe that this is the “gimme” that people are expecting, as Gifford’s strength is his grappling, the same as Roberts. I’m not banking that kind of salary cap space on a prospect who doesn’t have the proven track record of DFS points.
  • Sure, Ben Saunders’s chin is shot and he’s not the fighter that he used to be, but Takashi Sato ($9,000) does not have the style to capitalize on that weakness. Sato is not nearly aggressive enough to make Saunders pay, and that hefty price-tag is not helping matters.

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