Black Panther Movie Review: They Struck Vibranium With This One!

By Matt Alexander Finally, the long-awaited superhero flick arrives just in time to not be around blockbuster season. Which is nice, because this movie is better than that. An impeccable story arc combining inter-tribal strife, isolationism, and global risk-taking occurs as Prince T’Challa becomes king of Wakanda. Charming jokes from Marvel this time fit the … Continue reading Black Panther Movie Review: They Struck Vibranium With This One!


Top 5 Lifting Songs

We're now nearing the end of January, otherwise known as the time of year when the "resolutioners" stop entering through the gateway of the iron temple (the gym to all you betas). You've made it this far with your new year's resolution to turn your flab into a slab, so I salute you. The hardest … Continue reading Top 5 Lifting Songs

Nintendo Announces Nintendo Labo – For the creatively DIY inclined gamer

To quote a friend of mine, "I’m really happy that at a time when certain other companies are selling me glorified gambling, Nintendo decides they’re going to do some crazy shit with cardboard." No kidding, I think this stuff is pretty cool. It has the addictive fun of video games, the instant gratification that comes … Continue reading Nintendo Announces Nintendo Labo – For the creatively DIY inclined gamer

Flight of The Conchords – Top 10 Songs

They are turning kids into to slaves to make cheaper sneakers, but whats the real cost because the sneakers don't seem that much cheaper. Why are we still paying so much for sneakers when we have child slaves making them? What are your overheads? Just think about that one. Once every generation we have a … Continue reading Flight of The Conchords – Top 10 Songs

The Gift of Conor McGregor

Day of It is finally here. The best day of the year. A day we spend together with loved one's and celebrate food, family, and friends. We also give gifts to each other. I would like to share what my little brother Lam got me. It seemed very light and was wrapped rather intricately with … Continue reading The Gift of Conor McGregor

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Ugly Sweater

Day 18 It's getting ever closer to Christmas, and we have another great gift idea. If you haven't seen Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, do yourself a favor and get on that! I'm not even sure how you function and participate in society without the valuable lessons taught in this seminal work of art. While Keanu … Continue reading Bill and Ted’s Excellent Ugly Sweater

10 Thoughts On Star Wars: The Last Jedi (A Rey of Hope)

Potential spoi --wait, who are we kidding... MAJOR SPOILERS!!!! Here are our 10 Thoughts on the new Star Wars film. 1. The music was great. It carried scenes that could have otherwise faltered. 2. Luke Island's deep dark evil place didn't really pay off. Not too evil. Mothers everywhere cringe at the thought of their … Continue reading 10 Thoughts On Star Wars: The Last Jedi (A Rey of Hope)

Deep Thursday Thoughts

Day 14 How do you live? That is the question. We're going to do a little #ThrowbackThursday with one of BBYK's favorite movies of all time, the 2001 Stiller directed classic Zoolander. Derek Zoolander's tale was a great underdog story of a rich and ridiculously good looking male model overcoming being brainwashed by fashion terrorists … Continue reading Deep Thursday Thoughts

RE7 New Free DLC

By: Matt Alexander FINALLY!!! “Not A Hero”, is out after almost a year delay. The result is a short but brutal addition to the main story as Chris Redfield (complete with new facial structure) chases down those responsible for the Baker estate drama. New enemies and paramilitary buddies provide a nice contrast to the main … Continue reading RE7 New Free DLC