Avengers: Fantasy Football Endgame

The season is finally upon us. We have waited a year to find out the epic conclusion of Avengers: Fantasy Football Wars! Well here it is: Danos ruled over the fantasy league with his Infinity Forehead. The Avengers knew what they had to do...   ...go for the head! Or just wait for literally all of his … Continue reading Avengers: Fantasy Football Endgame

UFC Uruguay Daily Fantasy Picks

Well... there is a UFC card this weekend. It's in Uruguay, on ESPN+, and headlined by a championship bout between Valentina Shevchenko and Liz Carmouche. But at least Vincente Luque and Mike Perry will bring the fun and violence. I use DraftKings for my UFC daily fantasy fix, so if you don’t have an account … Continue reading UFC Uruguay Daily Fantasy Picks

Captain Marvel: Observations from a Skeptic (Movie Review)

By: Matt Alexander - Carol Danvers grows up playing baseball. Hits home run to win game, still doesn’t fit in with boys. - grows into a chip-on-shoulder teenager. No time for boys. Only friend is a black girl. - She gets the news she’s accepted to Air Force Academy! Her friend gets news she’s pregnant. … Continue reading Captain Marvel: Observations from a Skeptic (Movie Review)

A Very Vivid Halloween V

It is that spooky time of year again. Things are level 11 scary, now that Monster-Mike has DOUBLED in age. He destroyed the entire D.C. Metro system the other day just because he was annoyed with the delays. We may see Maintenance: Red-Line, but he sees PAIN-tenance: Red-Rum. His mother Kathulhu is eating more humans … Continue reading A Very Vivid Halloween V

Top 5 Best Halloween Songs

Are you stuck by your front door on Halloween night handing out processed sugar to all the little rugrats roaming your neighborhood dressed as an emoji?  Or are you on your fourth shot as you pre-game for an epic night of partying in your totally bro-tacular group costume with the dudes? Either way you're going … Continue reading Top 5 Best Halloween Songs

Flight Of The Conchords Special: Live At The London Apollo – Review

By: Viet Doan This is turning out to be a pretty cool week for me. Professionally, I have had a lot of fun and interesting career opportunities pop up. I got to play with a pet possum. I will be going down for my ten year college reunion (I am going to talk more about … Continue reading Flight Of The Conchords Special: Live At The London Apollo – Review

Bro, what do you bench?

The gold standard of a man's strength. How much can he lift off of his chest, while lying on his back, with the weight conveniently stacked on a bar? Very useful in many real life scenarios. And while you are crushing sets, you may wonder about a world without the bench press. A sad and … Continue reading Bro, what do you bench?

So Backstreet is Back … to the Future?

By: Viet Doan Way before they begged us not to break their hearts, the Backstreet Boys were promoting a message of peace and goodwill the likes of which had not been heard of since the days of Socrates. Their songs were about inclusion and acceptance. They didn't care who you were, where you were from, … Continue reading So Backstreet is Back … to the Future?

Deadpool 2 Review — (Not Infinity Wars… and Now With More Mutant!)

Another superhero team up of movie reviews from two of the BBYK's best and brightest.  By: Dan Torres After being smacked around by Infinity Wars two weeks ago, I thought it would be good to watch something a little lighter this time. Something that didn’t take itself too seriously, or pull my heartstrings quite like … Continue reading Deadpool 2 Review — (Not Infinity Wars… and Now With More Mutant!)