Flight Of The Conchords Special: Live At The London Apollo – Review

By: Viet Doan This is turning out to be a pretty cool week for me. Professionally, I have had a lot of fun and interesting career opportunities pop up. I got to play with a pet possum. I will be going down for my ten year college reunion (I am going to talk more about … Continue reading Flight Of The Conchords Special: Live At The London Apollo – Review


Conor vs Khabib Reimagined as Rocky IV

What if #Conor versus #Khabib were turned into a movie? BBYK reimagines the 1985 classic, Rocky IV, with Conor Balbo fighting Khabib Drago to avenge his friend and mentor Artem Creed. Conor is just a humble semi retired fighter / whiskey salesman. When his friend's encounter with a dangerous Dagestani martial artist goes poorly, Conor … Continue reading Conor vs Khabib Reimagined as Rocky IV

Avengers: Fantasy Football Wars

By: Viet Doan It is that time of year again. All across America, virtual GMs are scouring their notes, coming up with the perfect draft strategy. Most participants come in with a sense of hope. Like this could be their year, the year where they prove to the world they are winners! Each year is … Continue reading Avengers: Fantasy Football Wars

Bro, what do you bench?

The gold standard of a man's strength. How much can he lift off of his chest, while lying on his back, with the weight conveniently stacked on a bar? Very useful in many real life scenarios. And while you are crushing sets, you may wonder about a world without the bench press. A sad and … Continue reading Bro, what do you bench?

So Backstreet is Back … to the Future?

By: Viet Doan Way before they begged us not to break their hearts, the Backstreet Boys were promoting a message of peace and goodwill the likes of which had not been heard of since the days of Socrates. Their songs were about inclusion and acceptance. They didn't care who you were, where you were from, … Continue reading So Backstreet is Back … to the Future?

Petty Dave vs Salty Shaqliath

This Beef History series by SB Nation is pretty entertaining. While we deal with the aftermath of the NBA trade deadline, relax and enjoy a history lesson between two of the premier big men of the 90's. In one corner you have devout Christian and family man in Robinson and in the other you have … Continue reading Petty Dave vs Salty Shaqliath

Super Bowl LII: What to do if you don’t care who wins?

By: Viet Doan Or, as is the case for myself, you would rather both teams lose. How about an embarrassing tie? *Looks up rule.* Nope, not possible. Well, what do we do? The Super Bowl is the only championship game most Americans will watch even if their teams aren't in it. Part of that's the … Continue reading Super Bowl LII: What to do if you don’t care who wins?

Pop Culture – Typography

It truly is the ear-worm that keeps on giving. The 2011 hit Pop Culture by French DJ Madeon is one of the catchiest and most danceable tracks ever produced. This is what happens when you mix other ear-worm type music into one monster mashup. It only makes sense that when you pair it up with other pop … Continue reading Pop Culture – Typography