Throwback Review: Bloodsport

By: Matt Alexander TRIGGER WARNINGS: comas, face-punching, MPs, steroids, testosterone, and stank-eye What would you do if you woke up from a coma you'd been in since 1988? The obvious answer is "go see Bloodsport", because any rational person would assume the greatest film of all time would still be playing in theaters. "Bloodsport", starring … Continue reading Throwback Review: Bloodsport

Final Fantasy 6 Video Game Review

By Matt Alexander The IOS version of Final Fantasy 6, or Final Fantasy 3* as the old-school SNES players know it, is an instant success of a timeless classic. Jump into a world of political intrigue with magic and war disrupting the delicate balance of various nations. Add in a few moogles, airships, and other … Continue reading Final Fantasy 6 Video Game Review